a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, January 15, 2011

spring fever

and it isn't even spring! But the flowers are very spring like, early signs of a new season. Not if you live in any other part of the country where the temperatures range from awful to even more awful -30 in Edmonton, I'll bet Jim is hunkering down to keep warm. And Chelsea in Toronto for her birthday today. Happy birthday my dear granddaughter. And keep yourself warm.

Pretty aren't they. So you see we did go out today for a little bit to get food for the next week. God forbid that we run short of food. We bought a lot more than we usually do because I felt like spending money. I have been quite careful lately about spending, just haven't felt like it. However I also don't feel like eating anything other than cooked meat and cheese so I bought several packages of both items. Now I'm set for the week  , just Grab and Eat. My kind of menu LOL.
Then I was in so much pain I went back to bed for the afternoon, I wonder when this will go away, soon I hope. I need to get back to business.
I just asked Ray to set up my embroidery machine tomorrow and he asks how I'll manage to do it. He gets annoyed with me when I do these things but I have to try or go bonkers pretty soon.
There is a discussion on one of my embroidery lists regarding potato bags catching on fire. I made three of these bags quite a few years ago and gave them to my son, a friend and one for us. All three caught on fire despite the fact that I used only 100% cotton batting. Now I understand that there is a special batting for use in these bags. I was very disappointed with  them as they were great bags and worked so well - made wonderful baked potatoes in the microwave. Maybe I'll buy some of that special batting.
You can find the pattern at http:// A TIme To Stitch.com-
look for freebie Potato Baker.
I can't seem to get a photo os either mine or Sherri's. My webshots won't allow me to download my own work, I guess it is their work now.

Whoops after a lot of messing around I found it. This one is from ATTS. mine is irretrievable :))
Time out ladies and gents. I am still very tired . See you all tomorrow.
Have a lovely evening.
Guid Einen

Ah and I found mine so here it is.
Good night.

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Diana Davis said...

to get your own webshots pic you have to click on it to enlarge it, then you can download it to your computer. I know I was so frustrated trying to get to my own pics that I finally had to write to them and they told me how. I was about to tear my hair out!
Anyway wow how did the bags catch fire in the microwave? There's no flame in there. I wonder if they overcooked them. I remember when you were making some of those bags.
Hope you feel better soon! Rest if the dr says so! You can knit while sitting still, right? :^)