a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new day

I had good news today, the catscan of my brain showed there is nothing wrong inside my head, no alzheimers, no dementia, no bleeding, tumor or stroke. My brain is normal  and I have the papers to prove it LOL.
While that is wonderful news I can't say the same thing for my back, it is  awful.
Ray and I went to the hospital this morning to see my cardiologist ,he was happy with my numbers . After we went to Denny's for waffles, a tradition with us after we go to St. Paul's.
 I had to go to my own doctor to get the stitches removed from my head, real easy, no prickles at all.
Then  I had to go to the clinic for a test. Lastly we went to the library for more books. Last week I took out 4 books and read them all so needed more. This time I took out  7 books , that should last me a couple of weeks.
This week I have been to three hospitals all because of a fall.
Oh well that's life :))
I am pining to get to my embroidery machine and my sewing machine , it has been way too long. I look longingly at my beautiful fabric and think of what I could do with it. I have the cutest designs of ballerinas that I want to make for Charlotte's quilt. Her aunt made her a quilt and I think she gets one from the hospital so I have lots of time.
Can you see a Chinese coins quilt from these. I won't be doing any big ones for a while so I thought it would be fun to do a small quilt from these gorgeous fabrics.

My turkey soup dinner from last night , very tasty.

As seen around town, a Volkswagon convertible , looks like a fun trip. I  had a Volkswagon in the 60s and drove it for a week or more on $2. Hah!! what a bygone dream.

This is my supper tonight . I am cutting down. LOL.
There you have it, they are predicting snow tonight and it's a good time to stay home and nest haha....
Take it easy tonight if you are going out and have a great evening.
Guten Abend.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

That's really good news! Maybe you can get back to normal soon.

Diana Davis said...

I'm glad your head is ok! But then you sounded ok so I figured you were. Now to just get the back in order!

And the soup looks good, and so does the fabric!