a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Anonymous, no vodka  , just clamato juice. I do not imbibe alcohol.

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Well folks, my blog has disappeared once again. I have no idea where it went. This has happened before never to be found. What a nuisance.

Lawyers Block    is the name of this block and I can see why. It is confusing just like lawyers LOL.

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I spent the day in today despite the magnificent weather. Some days I just do not want to go out and today was the day. 
 Marg came over while Ray was out shopping and we had a good visit.  She was in church today and had good tales to tell. 

I know some of the people in her church since I have been to a couple of church dinners and so met a few parishoners.
She is going on a short trip soon and so are Ray and I. We are going to Calgary and Edmonton. I am excited about our trip. We will see Richard and Jim so it will be fun.

I talked to Rick on Facebook and he gave me instructions and his address. Jim is very busy with his performance so we have not talked. 

We had hot dogs for supper and both of us spilled mustard on our shirts LOL. We laughed because we are both wearing yellow shirts so no big deal.

Our little Rose all dressed up and ready to go.
What a sweet little face.

Comfy cat on a comfortable quilt. I understand that cats do like quilts. I do not know from experience as I don't have a cat.

Papa gives good advice.

What is known to quilters as blenders LOL.

That is all folks. 
Have a wonderful evening.

Good night.

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