a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, June 23, 2014

tea anyone


Cute little block. I made a teapot and teacup quilt a few years ago.  I'll look for it.

It was a slow day for us , we went to the pharmacy to hand in a prescription to be filled.  Then we went to White Spot for lunch. I had a mushroom burger and Ray a straight hamburger.   Mine was very good.
And that was about all. We came home and just rested. We seem to rest a lot these days. 

It was a bit rainy today a change from the beautiful sunshine we have had for a few weeks now. I like the rain though it is very cleansing.

Rick told us that Cheryl , his partner on the trip was in a cab that went down the side of a hill. We still have not heard what condition she is in. I pray all is okay with her.  I just looked again on facebook for news but there is none.

We are leaving for Calgary on Thursday, arriving on Friday and going to Edmonton on Saturday. Where from there I have no idea. I want to go back to Calgary and see my friend Mary and Rick's friend Emma. We can't go earlier as Rick will not be back from Europe until Thursday. Although I am wondering if he will be back then since he may stay depending on how Cheryl is after the accident. Home in Canada will no doubt will be better for her.

So I continue to go to my sewing tomorrow . Pat will not be here so Sharon said she would pick me up.

My eye , the left one is still bothering me , it aches all the time. When I went to the eye doctor it did not hurt at all and I forgot to tell him about it. He was a new doctor , mine retired and I miss him. Oh well  life goes on.

I wish I could do some sewing but the way my eyes are everything seems to bother them and sewing takes a lot of eye power LOL.

Baby Quinn dressed up to go out and still sleeping. He looks very relaxed.

Now this is relaxed. Nothing relaxes like a cat.

This picture reminds me of a cover of a Saturday Evening Post. I remember selling that magazine door to door when I was young. We looked forward to the wonderful covers of the magazine every week. There were many covers by  Norman Rockwell and this one reminds me of his work.  Maybe it is.

I like this one.....

Why do cats love sewing machines, could it be that they are warm and cats love the heat. I wonder.

Nice work here , I have a table cloth done in this stitch that my MIL gave me. Actually she made two for me but I gave one to her granddaughter, Ray's daughter Lynn. I thought it should be in the family.

Sorry folks, but my eyes are killing me so it is time for me to close this blog.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Hope she
is OK. Keep us posted. Sounds like she has done so much for Richard. We are all praying for her.