a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, June 19, 2014

post notes

This blog is not a post note but I liked the title so used it.

A day of rest. I did something I never have done in my life. I spent the day in my nightie watching old movies. It was wonderful. I find it hard to believe that at 82 I have never done that before. Well I did get dressed at 3:00 because Ray wanted to go out to Safeway for bread and large wieners, they are called smokies and are very tasty.

Then we came right home after that as it was late in the day. 
Marg called and came over with two books for me. I had two books for her as well. We had a good visit.

Ray made dinner sauerkraut and onions with the wieners all in the oven. It was a good dinner , we used mustard on the smokies. Mmm.

It was a nice day and I think I might do that again, Watching all those movies was a good time. Well there were only two but they were very good.  One was Mrs. Miniver which was about WW2 . I remember it when I was a young girl and it was very popular at that time.

Wow isn't this one lovely, a one block quilt for the wall.

Quinn at his first movie with momma. He looks relaxed.

Granddaughter Chelsea on the right, gorgeous isn't she.
She is a musician and plays several instruments. She had a jazz band too Chelsea and the Cityscape in Toronto.

Our very clever Kate showing off.

Used tires here is a clever use of them , attractive too as well as funny and entertaining.

Ducky and puppy,
friends are they not wonderful?   Labs are so good to everybody. And the duck is close to the dog.

Blue eyes up for adoption.

Enough for tonight folks. 

Have a great evening.

Good night!!

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