a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

daffodil yellow

Download now as a pdf pattern                                             Tulip Star. Love the bright yellow.

Sweet sewing machine on a card.

the right size to try.

A nice little applique piece.

I was looking for another photo so I could add it to the blog but that will have to wait for later or another day. 
Tuesday? that means I went to sewing today. Sharon picked me up , she is so good to do that. We just went  to the church for our sewing group. There is so much construction around that church, a huge house and lane house at the back of the house, and a presentation house for the buildings going up at a second corner being built right next to the church. It is so busy around that church. But we did manage to find a parking spot and went in for out lovely sewing day. I still did my applique hearts but I am at the end of that task so I wonder what to do next.  Any suggestions ? LOL.
When  I got home I had a short nap . Ray and I did not go out at all this afternoon.  

Shhh don't wake the baby.  What a cute picture.

Richard in Athens, see the Parthenon behind him. He is having a really good time with Cheryl, he said  he'd be home on Thursday. Ray and I leave on Thursday for the drive to Calgary.
I haven't decided yet whether or not to  take my laptop with me. I kind of think I should take a rest from the computer. So if you don't hear from me I will be busy visiting and not writing.

This is Jersey, Jack's dog. Funny how he showed up on my facebook, Jack was once married to Ray's niece. He is a lovely dog , his fur looks like velvet.

Cute little baby quilt, it is called a stuffie.  

‪#‎quilting‬ ‪#‎baby‬ ‪#‎stuffies

Tumbler quilt for a baby, a one patch quilt , plain and easy, And it uses up a lot of scraps.

So that is my day today, I hope tomorrow goes as well. Tomorrow
We get ourselves prepared for the drive to Calgary and Edmonton.

Little Rose , I wonder what she is doing. Looks like she is putting stuff into the glass of water.

Do you like orange? This quilt should please you.

Good evening folks I am done for the night.
Have a lovely evening.

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