a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, February 7, 2015


I have a sore hand. My left hand on the left side is quite sore and it is swollen, it hurts to type or use it. However it is probably old age and arthritis. I do not have any real issues with arthritis given my age so I am lucky that way.  It is not the way Ray feels which is much worse than my little pain. He has Rheumatoid Arthritis which is a total body illness.

We are watching the Green River Killer Gary Ridgeway. I remember that case in the 80s after so many bodies had been found in the Green River . Seattle was overcome with the killings and the police had worked hard to find him. The people in the film are all folks who were close to him and to hear them talk about these killings and the watch them cry is very emotional.  He was such an ordinary man that his family was overcome.  Ridgeway confessed and was given a life sentence rather than the death sentence. 

I had a call from Adam yesterday, I think he and Lisa are in Atlanta Georgia. Not sure though but it begins with an A. Man I am so bad about these things nowadays. I wonder if It is lack of attention on my part. I know my memory is still good for most things.

We are watching Sid the Kid, Sidney Crosby, play hockey here tonight. Right now the score is 2-0 for us of all things. You would think that Sid's team would be ahead not the Canucks.

My lovely granddaughter Chelsea. I don't know where she is in this photo .

Adam's wife Lisa has a new grandbaby , I don't know its name or sex but I do have a photo.
Isn't this a special photo. What a great big yawn. Congratulations Lisa and Adam and the rest of the family. Who are the parents Lisa?

Now this is bright and beautiful. I love bright colours and this appeals to me greatly.

The Canucks are 4-0 ahead of the Penguins. What a huge surprise. I thought for sure Sidney Crosby would keep them ahead of us. 

At nine o'clock we will watch Midsomer Murders. I am happy about that. I like following this series. It appears to me that each episode is a stand alone episode. That is good as I can follow it periodically if necessary.

Barnaby and his sidekick Scott. A good show to watch and we are doing so now.

That is all for tonight folks.
        Have a good evening.
                                                   Good night.

     Good rockin' tonight.

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