a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, February 21, 2015

lost in space

The title is no meaning just a phrase that came to mind.

It has been a quiet day . I spent a lot of time on my laptop, my most favourite past time these days. Surely there are more fruitful things I can do. Tomorrow is Sunday, perhaps I can do better then.

We did go out for a bit to the mall, our little one. I wanted to buy my candies. I usually have a couple at night as I am reading my bedtime book.  It is a habit and one I like.

My Richard is always in a wheelchair so it is a huge problem for him that his apartment building is removing the elevator for repairs for 3 months. He has to remove himself from the building. He will be here for a short time but then I do not know what he will do. but he is a man who can fix things and solve problems. I hope he can handle this one. I guess there is no way out of handling it for him. I am anxious to hear what his plan will be. Nearly every house that his friends have has stairs. Not good!  I pray that he will figure out something to make life easier for him. I told him he can stay with us but he does not wish to spend 3 months here. 

Today we did our usual grocery shopping , not as much as we usually do as we did quite a bit of shopping Thursday and Friday.

Isn't she lovely, my granddaughter Meaghan. Charlotte is her daughter.  

Now this is a cake, it is so cute. I had a cake similar for my 80th birthday. Only it was a knitting one.
There is a market for such cakes LOL.

Wow what a quilt- looks very interesting. I like it.

I don't have a pattern for this block but I like it a lot so want to share it.

This lovely baby quilt looks like one that my friend Betty made for her great grandchild. She is a prolific quilter. However I have no idea where this picture was taken so cannot say if it is Betty's.

That is it friends. We are watching The Roosevelts a most interesting show. 
Have a great evening.
                   Good night.

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