a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, February 27, 2015

still ill

Another day of being a bit sick , not feeling up to par . However I am on the mend. Unfortunately,  Ray is suffering a lot. I just hate to see him like this. Luckily he is going to see the doctor on Monday. In the meantime , he needs to remember to take his Tylenol regularly. I have to remind him of that. Hopefully, the doctor can help him.

So all I did today was read and use my laptop. I am eagerly anticipating Adam and Lisa's visit on  Sunday . 

We didn't even cook. We ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. It was not good at all and it was not cheap either. I won't buy another one from them. It was the first and last time. Restaurants need to make certain their product is tasty.

We mostly watched TV today but tomorrow it is grocery day so we will get out and about to do that job. I like buying the groceries and so does Ray. I get to read the magazines on the newstand too, always a pleasure.

This is a handy guide to have especially if you are buying on line. The only one I didn't know was Turnover .

Puzzled look on Quinn's face as he solves a problem. And clever little guy is sitting up now.

This is a nice two coloured quilt. I love the cut outs of the fence and the cowboy.  This cowboy was made of cloth but when I was riding along the prairies in the USA I saw many designs made of wood similar to these on fences along the way. They were very attractive. 

and with that bit of wisdom I bid you all adieu or good night.

Have a great evening folks.

On my way.

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