a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fancy Bows

February 12, 2015
Fancy Bowtie
Here is today's free Block of the Day pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern

Another day staying in the house. I am lazy these days and like to stay home. Is it because I am old now? Or is it because I was out late last night at guild.

Kathy picked me up and we met Barb and Judy for dinner at Minerva's. I had Linguine and garlic prawns for my meal. It was most enjoyable. Then we moved on to the church and guild night. I enjoy seeing everyone that I have missed over the past months when I have been ill or in hospital and not able to get out at night. This was my first trip out and it was such fun. Kathy is a great friend who takes me to these places and makes my life so much more pleasant. Thanks Kathy.

I picked up a quilting book from the very extensive guild library. I can keep this book for the following month and return it at the next meeting. It is a real treat and we can take up to 4 books home for the month.  One of the benefits of a great guild is what it offers the members.  

We had two ladies who worked in the library for several years. I found it interesting the each of these  ladies had daughters who bore twins. Unusual isn't it.

Today I read and worked on my laptop, basically doing very little of anything. I wanted to do some of my heart blocks but it slipped my mind.  And tomorrow we have a luncheon date with Bob and Buzz. I am looking forward to that.  When we get home maybe I can sew a bit.

I have the greatest thing on my laptop. It is a word correction programme , it fixes my typing mistakes. I have never been a typist so make mistakes. I am a good speller so it is not spelling mistakes that I make but typing ones. So the programme corrects me. Nice isn't it?  Every little bit helps.

One of my favourite designs , the Dresden Plate, if I get my act together maybe I can make one of these.

The basic pattern of the Dresden Plate.

Lovely quilt for Valentine's Day , hearts all round.

Ha! It speaks for itself, Adorable little pug.

Very attractive nine patch quilt and so easy too. The squares border is quite nice too and adds the finishing touch to the quilt.

I don;t know where this is but after Hurricane Katrina I was in Louisiana and saw a car in a tree in the very large swamp there. It is hard to imagine the power of a hurricane but this picture gives you a small idea.

Time to go folks.   Have a great evening.
                      Good night.

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