a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, February 28, 2015

another star

Download now as a pdf pattern

Golden Star, this is a lovely pattern  and fairly easy to make.

I accidentally put this up on the blog already so ignore the first one please.

We are watching Mike and Molly. I get a huge kick out of Mike's mother, she is so naughty and funny.

I called Marg tonight and we had a very nice chat. She has a new cat Angelina who loves to sit on her lap. The previous cat Russell did not make it. I liked him and his name but I think he passed on.
Sometimes I think I might like a cat but I am allergic to the fur. So no cat for me.
Then I think I want a dog but there is the dog walking three times a day. Still we get our faces licked lovingly!! LOL.

Today Ray and I had to go grocery shopping. I did not buy a magazine this time as there are none that are current. I have read them all for this month. Hopefully next week will be the one for new issues. Magazines that is Haha.

We went to Tim Hortons where I had soup and Ray had a bagel and cream cheese. Coffee all round.  I like going to Tim's. 
I like going out to eat .  That's why we do it so often. Ray does too.

Still working my way through  Edge of Eternity. Up to  260 pages. I read a bit every day. The book is so big I need to put it on a cushion because I have difficulty holding it.

We are now watching a show called The Great War. That is World War One and my dad fought in all four years of that war. It was a horrendous act of aggression and many lives were lost.  Thank goodness my dear father survived . I did not want my dad to be lost in the war because I would never have been born and I did not want to have lost my dad before I could meet him.

Dad in the uniform of the British army, my father was English, born in 1891. Amazing two generations and 124 years apart as of this year. He was an honorable man.

Our adorable Charlotte in her mom's new shoes. Meaghan cannot wear them yet as she is pregnant but Charlotte feels she is perfectly able to wear them. What a funny little girl. I wonder whether Meg and Lewis will have a girl or boy. They have elected not to know ahead of time.

Lovely house quilt and the guy is nice too. I call him Mr.February.

This is one I call the Wavy Quilt, it looks like an ocean. It is lovely though. I like the curves.

This dog is so cute. It is lovely here in Vancouver but the rest of the country is still locked in winter so this is for them.
Log cabin block. The block instructions would not come up so if you want them I know you will be able to find them on the internet.

I think I'll have one folks.

Have a great evening.
Good night.

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