a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, February 6, 2015

Today's news

I seem to be forgetting my blog recently. Tonight I will make up for that.

Things are not working very well on the blog, so I hope I can get this done.

Ray and I did go out today and we spent some more money. Ray bought a new pillow and pillowcase to go with the red sheets he bought the other day. We went to Metrotown , had Chinese food for lunch, but did not enjoy it as we usually do. We think that the shop has changed hands and the food is not the same. Too bad.

I did nothing else today but read a bit more of Edge of Eternity. I talked to Adam (Bob ) and he had read this book. He said he had enjoyed it greatly. Marg also loved it so I plan to do the same.

Rick was being interviewed by CTV Calgary today on the new law regarding physician-assisted suicide for those who have a terminal disease as he does, ALS.  I tried to get it tonight on my TV but missed it. Rick said he would tape it so we could watch it. He seems to be the poster boy for ALS in Calgary, not really a position the he wants to be in.  However if he can be helpful to others it will be good.

And here is a birthday cake for a quilter with the Monkey Wrench block as its foundation.

Now this is a dedicated quilter.

This is so cute, all the little turtles are adorable. I love turtles. At our local park they sit on a log and sun themselves. They need to get their heat externally as they are cold blooded. But I love them.
Once in the Disneyworld area we saw a huge turtle( tortoise ) like this. They are really huge. Wouldn't want to get to close to their mouth though as the can surely bite hard.

Here's a pretty little Valentine heart quilt for you loved one.

My son Jim with a friend . Jim is my fourth son. Four out of five.

I made this heart quilt for one of our great granddaughters in Quebec.

Okay folks, I am going to help Ray do a job now.

Have a fine evening.
Good night.

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