a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

black is the new black

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The blackbird or maybe a crow which is a blackbird. This is a cute little block.

Did I tell you that I am reading Ken Follett's book , the Edge of Eternity which spans the 20th century. I have only read 55 pages but the book is huge and heavy so I have trouble holding it. I put it on a cushion for support. That makes things easier. I like to read in bed . I will try tonight to see if I can hold it. If not I won't read it. I am trying to keep it in the good shape that it was given to me by Marg. Actually I think the cushion is the best way to do that. Apart from the mechanical issues the story so far is engrossing. 

We had a lazy day even though it was Tuesday and Ray had things to do and I was supposed to go sewing. Ray had developed a fierce headache last night and it was still there in the morning. I get concerned about headaches so I stayed home to make sure he would be okay. He managed to go to the dentist tonight so he is a bit better.  But I was glad I stayed home to keep an eye on him.

Adam have you seen the TV showing the dreadful snow conditions in Saint John and New Brunswick. It is piled high along the sides of the roads. More weather : we are expecting some very bad rain storms in the next two days.  I like those storms along with the winds especially when I am tucked up in bed with my quilts keeping me warm and cozy. 

Tonight I watch  NCIS New Orleans. I love that show because I have been to New Orleans and I look for places I know. Silly isn't it but that amuses me. It is a fairly new show here , I really enjoy it.

My sewing machine table needs cleaning, still have not got at it. But tomorrow will be the day. I did some of that cleaning last week but not enough. I will take a photo. LOL

Ray took this photo of me today. 

This is such a bright quilt, I love that orange. It looks cozy but would it keep you awake.

Time is up folks. 
Have a great evening.

Good night.

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