a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, February 13, 2015

A new baby

A new baby Orca has been born in our waters. Always a blessing in that it keeps the Orca population up. We want our whales to survive and flourish.

See the baby at the rear of the mother. Isn't she adorable?

Mom on one side and sister on the other. She is well protected by the females.  The Orca is also called the Killer Whale and can be dangerous so that baby is well protected . This baby is a huge blessing.

Today Ray and I met Bob and Buzz for lunch. It was a great visit. Ray and I shared a hamburger, that is all, no drink or fries.

But Buzz and I had a great chat and so did Bob and Ray.  Buzz and I talked about new clothes, books, holidays, kids and many other topics. She and Bob will be going to Hawaii in April, hope I have that right.   I have never been to Hawaii but would love to go.
Ray is not very interested in that trip though.  

After that we walked through the mall for a bit of exercise. We went to Sears and I bought a sweater and two tops. Now I am ready for spring. It was fun and Ray always encourages me to buy something nice for myself. Though he does not get himself anything very often. I wish he would.

We came home from the mall and did very little after that. We watched TV for a while and I read a bit of my book. Then I made dinner , not that is was a big job. Weiners and beans is not hard to make LOL.

I love these older ladies in their red hats. My friend Gail who is ill now was a member of the red hat club down south. 

This piece of embroidery is lovely. I would love to make a piece like this. What I'd do with it is anybody's guess.

In the jungle , cute except for that snake.

Seems to be time to go. Have a great evening folks.
Good night.

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