a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

About the northern cross

Download now as a pdf pattern

Northern  Cross

This is an attractive design. It appears that the corners are folded over. And I do like the colours chosen.  It is the ubiquitous nine patch all over again using half square triangles, rectangles and a square to make a lovely design.  In the northern sky, it is a constellation the largest star of which is called Deneb and is at the tail of the constellation.

I am having a bit of a problem coming up with topics tonight. Maybe because it is late, nearly 9 O'Clock and my brain is tired. 

We did go out today , to the doctor. Ray had to see her about his aches and pains. He has to go back as she cannot get him to the specialist for three months. In the meantime he needs to have something for the pain. This arthritis is an awful thing that is causing so much pain.But many of the pain killing drugs are hard on his kidneys which are compromised from a previous illness and hospitalization.  It makes things so difficult for him. But he remains in good cheer. I talked to her about my shaky legs and that the medicine she recommended for me to take was having a good effect as my legs are no longer shaking. Good news.

I wonder that these men are so brave. Richard is the same , he remains cheerful despite his terrible illness ALS. Have any of you seen the movie The Theory of Everything , the story of Stephen Hawkins struggle with the disease.  I have not seen it yet. I think I'll ask Kathy if she is interested in going.

We are watching The Mentalist , it is a two hour show tonight. I think it might be because this is the final showing of this series. Too bad because I do like this show. I wish it could go on for longer.

Amazing isn't it? I love the work that went into creating this work of art.  It is not the first time I have seen something like this.

Lovely looking table runner. It should be easy to duplicate this runner.  Well ... for those of you who are very clever.

MMM Yum!! My mouth is watering at the sight of this cake.

And at this I am closing off the blog for tonight.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.


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