a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, August 25, 2014


Download now as a pdf pattern
  I like this basket because it is sitting up straight. It is easy to look at. Whoops ending a sentence with a preposition,  not good. But how to fix it is the problem.

I love turtles and this one is particularly great. Imagine a turtle trying to climb a fence. It looks like he is going to make it.

And here we have a redwork sewing machine .And more of them below.

10 Free Machine Embroidery Redwork Sewing Designs + Tutorial


Pretty quilt for Fall Autumn leaves.And see the Prairie Points around the edge. Very effective.

We had to go back to the Ostomy clinic today and still one more visit to go this week on Thursday. 
Then we went round to Cockney Kings for lunch. I had chips and one piece of fish, Ray had one piece of fish. He likes to share a few of my fries . It was a lovely lunch.

Then we went to the blood clinic to offer up a vial of our blood LOL.  Actually it was two vials of blood each to the Vampire at the desk. Believe me she looks like something awful. No pictures though. Haha.

It was time then to come home. We get tired now as we are so old. We still get around a lot but we tire out sooner than we used to do. There I avoided that preposition LOL.

Marg called today and wanted Ray and me to come and be with her for the afternoon as Michael had to go for an interview. But her friends came over so she did not need the help.  I take it she needs to have somebody there in case she has another fall. I pray that does not happen it could be terrible.

Gerry just  called, that is Ray's sister. She is 85 years old and still has all her marbles, good for her. Having your marbles is a good thing LOL.

Charlotte driving her grandpa's wheelchair. She loves that wheel chair.
She is getting tall, look at her long legs. I haven't seen her for several months as we were away and now she is away. 

My niece Karin, nephew Michael and their dad Clint. Clint passed away this morning. Rest is peace big guy and my sympathies to Karin and Michael and Clint's  wife.

Here we have an amazing table runner, all those sharp points make for heavy going.

Charlotte at the Calgary zoo riding the ponies . Looks like fun.

So that is all for tonight folks.
Have a great evening.

Good night.

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