a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Download the pattern here: http://craftsy.me/1vmn9i8

Isn't he adorable in this little sweater . It, the sweater pattern, can be purchased  from Craftsy above for $6.00 if you wish to make it for your puppy. Since I do not have a puppy I won't be making it.

Neat little place mats or are they mug rugs. Whatever they are they are  lovely and look easy to make. Note the rick rack at the edges of the mat just before the binding. It makes a nice finish.

Red, white and blue makes a lovely quilt. It starts with a four patch  in the centre the reds parts make an hourglass block.

We went for haircuts this morning both Ray and I got our hair done.
For some reason I felt ill so we came home and I went to bed for a couple of hours. I felt better when I got up so I ate some noodles.
Since then I have been laptopping.....
Short paragraph on the day , we did not do anything of consequence.
I saved some photos to use on my blog. Oh and I need to get the photos off my camera so you all can see them.

Off to work, she takes her work with her. It looks to me like a lovely old Singer but my eyes are not good and I can't really see the word on the sewing machine.

No pattern but I like this quilt, I am in love with squares.

The roofers are still here walking up and down the ladder in front of our window. I am frightened they might fall. When I was 17 a saw a window washer fall from the old Sun building. He fell almost at my feet. The poor man died . Since then I get nervous when I see men on ladders. 

Good information for quilters.

Done and done folks.

Whoops forgot the turkey. Get started now and it will be ready for  Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Jean, Marg fell and broke her pelvis which is why she is in hospital. Michael is her son, her husband John passed away 10 years ago.

Good evening folks.

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Jean said...

Hi Nan,thank you for info. In your blog July 20th Marg came to your home to meet Charlotte and I did not read anything about Marg falling. You left for vacation I think on the
Hope she is on the mend. Love, Jean