a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Time to think about it


Sunbonnet Sue is ready for Hallowe'en, are you? This is a wonderful block to make for the holiday.

What a lovely day we had today. We went for a barbecue at our third son's Peter and his wife's Judith   home. Judith's daughter and 6 year old grandson Jack were visiting as well. Jack was lots of fun and we all enjoyed the day.  I loved their dog Guinness who is a beautiful friendly dog. Thanks to both of you for a lovely afternoon..

Earlier in the day we did our grocery shopping . That was the morning and the afternoon was at Peter and Judith's.  We are back home now resting and watching TV.  What a great day.

This Crazy Quilted block is just gorgeous. Red and white are in such contrast and make the block beautiful. Fancy sewing machine stitches, embroidery and lovely lace make for a wonderful block.

Created in Electric Quilt 7 , it would look lovely in real fabric.

I have a very sore thumb joint so typing is hurtful.
I may have to write a shorter blog, we'll see.

Cute little hanging for Hallowe'en. I do not have a pattern so this is just a suggestion for a Wallhanging.

Little Scotties make a great quilt for a little one and for the little one in you too.

This block makes a wonderful Fall quilt and the treatment here is a good one.

A good day for us and hope that tomorrow will  be the same. The weather was beautiful and the day was warm so we were all able to sit outside and eat our lunch .

That is it for tonight folks.

Have a lovely summer evening. 

Good night.

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