a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, August 21, 2014

lunch date

Today was a luncheon date with my two long time friends Heather and Karen. We went to Seasons in the Park up on Little Mountain, well that is what we called it when I was young and there was nothing developed on it except a road that stopped at the top. Later the whole area was developed into beautiful gardens, a special restaurant and a road that goes right across from one side to the other.  It is an inviting place to visit and many tourists go there for the view, the restaurant and the observatory at the top. It is a lovely place now but I remember it when there was nothing. Wow does that make me old and thank God for getting old and having a long a full life. I am so fortunate.  I am fortunate in my dear friends too.  Heather lives in my mom and dad's old house, she has lived there longer than my parents did , much longer. Karen and I taught together and shared our wonderful music classes, I played the piano, Karen played her violin and the kids sang. It is a beautiful memory.

My sister Marg is home from the hospital and feeling good despite the fact that it will take another 2 months for her pelvis to heal. She is tough!!!  

No news from Europe so I am wondering where Adam and Lisa are right now. I am sure they are having a wonderful time. Maybe they are in Paris.

Remember when the man and his pony used to come around and for a dollar your child could sit on the pony. Here is my Richard on the pony. He loved sitting up there and had more than on opportunity to do so. Son Peter liked it too but I have to find his picture.

My afternoon was simple, I tried to have a nap but the phone kept ringing so that was that for a nap LOL.  I gave up.

Interesting look , the 24 squares of two colours is hypnotic, I really like this look. It might be a bit of a challenge to get all those 24 squares  all lined up precisely. I think I would have a hard time doing it right.

Nice look to this quilt, 16 squares and 4 half square triangles make up this block.  The secondary block that shows up is a good look. But I think the white is a bit overpowering, maybe something a bit more toned down  - Cream perhaps?

Richard just called and we talked about the IceBucketChallenge for ALS whereby a person is challenged to heave a bucket of ice and water over their head and then make a contribution or challenge friends to make contributions too to ALS research and assistance for ALS patients. It has been a real awareness programme for the disease.

54 40 or Fight is the name of this block.

54-40 or Fight Quilt Block Tutorial - Generations Quilt Patterns


Instructions for the block.

Another antique stove. I love 

these old stoves, remind me of my childhood.


That is it for tonight.

Have a lovely evening folks.

Good night.

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