a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, August 11, 2014

salmon run

Huge run if salmon in the Fraser River so the government opened the river for commercial fishermen. That made me want some salmon so I opened a can and ate some . It was so delicious Yum.

Sockeye adult male.jpgMale sockeye salmon the best tasting of all the salmons.

Our busy day consisted of a trip to the ostomy clinic for a check up. It wasn't too bad but we have to go back this week on Friday.

Then we went to Metrotown for a salad lunch. It was very good along with a glass of watermelon juice and that was also delicious.
We made a trip to the hospital to visit Marg. Her pastor was there to give her communion and we had a good visit with her and him. Michael came in while we were there and we gave him a ride home when we left. She is in a good mood and has had many visitors so she is well entertained. She has been walking with the help of the walker and a nurse. They certainly don't let you stay in bed. I worry that her pelvis cracking again but they do know better than I do.
We took Michael home when we left.

Adam called today to say he and Lisa are going Paris for ten days. Isn't that great. They should have a superb time. Then they are going to Mons to visit the battleground where my dad fought in the battle
 of Mons as well as all the battles in WW1. He was a real hero.


Download now as a pdf pattern

Lovely Geisha girl under the blossoms of springtime. I had a very clever friend who designed and executes a series of quilts with Geishas . They were gorgeous . She passed on several years ago but those quilts are a wonderful legacy for her family.

Lovely Sunbonnet Sue and some good ideas foe those who love Sunbonnet Sue as I do. Lace apron, ribbon tie back and  spotted umbrella  all add unique features to the quilt. She is a pretty girl.

This is so Autumn and easy squares make it a great quilt to make for the Fall.

So this it  for tonight folks, thanks for listening.

Have a great evening.

Good night.

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Jean said...

Did I miss something ? Marg in the hospital ? What happened ? Is Michael her husband/son ? Jean