a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Too tired to write.

Now this is bold. Modern quilting if I think so.

 Louis is Charlotte's father and Meaghan's husband.

Pretty quilt but the pattern would not come up so guessing will have to be the order of the day LOL.

I am too tired to write much tonight and here I thought I would be all set to go blogging. Not quite. But I will give it a try, a small try.
It has been a while since I blogged. We were in Calgary for a week and then off we went to Quebec for two weeks. Oh how I hated the plane rides - so crowded , West Jet does not provide
 meals just a small snack and a drink. So much for cheaper fares , they actually are cheap. However we got through it all and were happy to get home. It is always good to get home isn't it?
We did have a great time with Rick in Calgary. He had at least two parties where many of his friends attended. We had such fun. Cheryl , his friend took me out for lunch and a bit of shopping. She was 
such a delight to be with. I really enjoyed her company. Emma came to one of Rick's parties , I met her on Facebook and it was so much fun to get together with her. 
Jim was singing in a musical  in Edmonton so we all trekked up for the 4 hour drive to that city to see him perform. He did perform so well. We all stayed at the same hotel and had a wonderful evening with much laughter and fun as well as food to eat.
It was a great time.

In Quebec we stayed with our daughter Lynn and her husband Daniel where we were well entertained by both of them, grandchildren and great grandchildren as well as son Jack and his wife Margo. The weeks went quickly with all the visiting and entertaining. Everyone spoke English, it is quite amazing , they always impress me with their language skills. We went out to a place in the country to see the dogs they had for sale, there were puppies and adults. The basement was full of animals, including parrots. Interesting place to visit. We almost bought a little chihuahua but thought better of it and later we were glad we did as it would be a struggle taking it on the plane and then we would have such a time taking care of it when we got back home. But it was a moment. And fun too.
We took a drive from Val D'Or to Rouen for a visit and on the way back had to detour as there was some obstruction on the highway so we drove back to Amos and had dinner then drove home another route.  It was a good day.
We drove back to Montreal, lots of road work so it took longer than we had anticipated and we just got  to the airport in the two hours we needed. The flight home was not fun and we were very happy to get here.
Things have been quiet but today my computers began to act up so my grandson Ricky came over and fixed it. We had a nice visit with him.
Well I guess I was not too tired to write LOL.
 Great grandson Quinn, Mary's little son.

Quinn in a lovely new outfit from his grandma.

I love this photo , a family of four.
So that is it for now. I hope you all have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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