a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


A lovely day with my friend Clairee was the order of the day. Clairee and I have been friends since we were 13 some 70 years ago. She lives in Washington state and comes up to Vancouver periodically. We always go to lunch when she comes up from the south. Not the deep south though LOL. We went to the golf course which serves a lovely lunch menu. We do not eat the menu though hah. I am in fine form tonight !!!  We had a lovely lunch, I had some clam chowder which was excellent, it was served with big crunchy toasted bread. I enjoyed it so much that I did not notice what Clairee ate. Oh yes now I remember she had pasta and salmon bits. Don't know what the sauce was though. All was good. I think I'll get Ray to go there for lunch soon. 
It was later in the afternoon when we came back home, I was going to have a nap but Ray and I chatted for a while and then it was too late for an afternoon nap. 

We had dinner, it was corn on the cob for me , same for Ray but he had a smokie with mustard as well. We had blue plums for dessert. It is the season for wonderful fruit and I love those blue Damson plums.

That was the day, not too successful or productive but a good time. 
Now for the evening , it will be relaxing as we are watching TV.

My sister Marg as you know fell and cracked her pelvis or maybe she broke it, not sure.   She is in the hospital and will be there for a while as it heals. However she is walking with an aide and a walker. Good for her. She is a brave patient. I hope they give her painkillers to ease the pain.  Surely they will.

Isn't this a nice baby girl quilt, it could easily be made into a boy's quilt by changing the colour and making Sunbonnet Sue a Sunbonnet Bill and still making the 9 patches.

Another cutie , he is so small he can fit in a bag.  Or is it a she, yes she has a pink collar.

What a pretty colour for a stove. See the gas jets in the front.

Pretty pink Friendship stars make for a lovely quilt. I do not have the pattern so it is just for enjoyment.
My handsome grandson Ricky, Richard's only son.

And now for some wonderful news we received an invitation to our grandson Rich's wedding in Louisiana, October 18th. Happy news for Rich and June. Congratulations to you both. Rich is Adam's son and Sam's brother.

Butterflies are blue.

And so is this lovely quilt.

I really like star quilts.

A pair in a part of a pair, adorable.

That's all for tonight folks.
Good evening.

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