a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, August 24, 2014

paris and amsterdam

Jean, to answer your question , they went to both places and Scotland as well. Not sure where the next port of call will be but I'll let you know when I find out.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Double Cross.

Multiple blocks and many colours can give you a very interesting and colourful quilt. The background in this quilt is all white so it appears that the background should be one colour. the white fabrics though can be different whites.

We had a good day at the casino yesterday and came home with money since I won a fair amount which I shared with Ray.

Today we went for groceries and bought lots of vegetables and fruits. I got my favourite Damson blue plums. I love those little plums and need to be careful not to eat too many for obvious reasons. I already had three of them. I washed all of them and then dried them off and put them all out on a dishtowel to air dry. Ray puts them in the appropriate containers. 

I am trying to do more these days so that Ray can get a break, I put all the shopping away and did the veggies and fruits , then I did the washing. So it gave him some time to rest. He has been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis lately and is in pain. We need to go to the doctor and see about this. The big problem is that some drugs such as codeine make him throw up and he can't take it. I wonder if there is something else that will work. Tomorrow I will make an appointment with our doctor.

Rick is entertaining Meaghan, Lewis and Charlotte. He took Charlotte over to the mall, she drove him in his wheelchair. She loves that wheelchair . Richard bought her a whole set of Barbie with her house and car. It is a wonderful toy set and Charlotte loves it . I am sure she loves her wonderful grandpa too. 

My dad 1910 when he enlisted in the British army. He was a great dad . Many great dads in our family. 

Some great little houses to make a block of, find the patterns for others in Quiltmaker magazine.  this information from my friend Salliejean. Thank you for this one Salliejean.

Mug rug, an easy little quilt. Make your own pattern this is just an idea or inspiration for you.

A lovely crazy quilt block, roses and more roses with embroidered angel  and lots of lace and tiny beads. 
Beautiful fabric lays the foundation for this block.
That is all for tonight folks.

Have a lovely evening. We are!

Good night.

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