a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, August 14, 2014



Pretty rainbow star quilt. Look above for instructions on how to make this lovely quilt.

Today I went to the foot doctor, I go every two months but because of our holidays it has been more than that. I need him to cut my toe nails and to check on my feet to see if there is any diabetic issues with them. So all is good. 

Then we went across the way to Metrotown and had lunch. I had soup, my favourite soup , potato soup.  Ray had the new four cheese bagel. It was  a small lunch but we never eat a big one. After that we came home for a short time and then went to the hospital to see Marg. Her room was empty when we got there but Ray found her in the common room. She is walking with a walker. I am amazed at her progress. She is very determined to walk. Good for her.
We came home but on the way stopped at the post office to mail an envelope for Marg and to buy a big padded envelope to pack somethings for Rose and Quinn then to do a bit of grocery shopping for dinner.  We came home finally to rest a bit and then I made dinner. Spaghetti and sauce, it was so good.

Isn't this a great panel.I sure would like to find it. But I guess I need to go into a fabric store. LOL.

Another circular block , it makes a lovely quilt.  I get some great looking quilts but no patterns for some reason so what you get is a show and no patterns.

Big nine patches sashing strips and corner blocks make a great looking quilt.

My oldest son Adam. Where did that smile go?  You look so sad and I know you aren't. 

Diamonds in blue, very pretty.

Now I am going to write a letter to Kathy, haven't talked to her all summer.

Have a great evening folks.

Good evening.

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Jean said...

I thought there was Sam and Aaron.
Did Adam have 3 sons? Where does Rich live ?