a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, August 18, 2014


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Kansas Troubles is the name of this block. Whenever I see the name Kansas I think of my friend Lindsay who lives in Kansas. We never see each other but I think of her often.

This morning began with Ray and I getting things ready for Bill the carpet cleaner. We got up early and set to work. Then Ray called Bill who said our appointment was for tomorrow. So we are all ready for tomorrow LOL.  The place is in an uproar tonight but we can tolerate it for another evening.

I did have another appointment at 11:30 with the ostomy clinic to have my  stoma checked out. All is well despite a bit of  irritation. 
The next appointment is on Friday.

We went to the casino after that but were not lucky. The casino we went to is not a good one, I prefer the one in Coquitlam where I win quite often.  Then we came home and got ready for dinner. Not that we were very hungry but "ya  gotta eat, right ?"

I watched Richard on CBC Calgary this morning as he gave a bit of an explanation regarding the "icebucketchallenge" to promote the awareness of ALS. He is making another clip that I hope he puts up on Facebook. Facebook is a wonderful way to get attention for things like this. It is making a difference. The ice bucket challenge is really promoting the cause of ALS.

 I wonder what this kitty is smiling about. This colour pattern on the cat is my favourite colour. I had one of these cats a long time ago. Then my brother's cat had kittens and we took on of them. My Maurice was not happy and he took off and just disappeared. We could not find him no matter how hard we searched and then somebody stole the kitten from the porch. Those were the last cats we owned. Marg always has a cat and the cat has been up to the hospital to visit her. I was quite surprised that the hospital allowed cats on the beds or in the rooms. Time sure changes things.

Another of this same pincushion but this one has a varied colour scheme which is why I added it to the blog , just for interest.

This photo made me laugh and this is one big, big boy.

Nice little quilt for your sewing room.

Time's up folks.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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