a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I keep forgetting

I keep forgetting about the blog for some reason. Still it is only 7:00 so that isn't too bad but I like to get at it sooner than that.

We did not go out the door today. I like to spend Sunday at home. We go out so often during the week and on Sunday I can get a few things done. Today I cleaned off my sewing machine table. It had stuff all over it and not just sewing things, books and bills etc. But I got all that taken care of . And there is room now to sew a few things.  It took a lot of managing to get things put away but I managed. then I had a nap. I tire out so easily now , I am perfectly healthy so I think it is just old age.  I did not believe that getting old had to slow you down but it seems the be that way. Darn.

After cleaning up I found a set of butterfly blocks LOL and measured them up for size. Of course they are not all the same size and will need to be cut to the right size but that was not today. Another free day and that will be my job. I actually enjoyed my bit of work today. 
Tomorrow will be too busy as the carpet cleaner is coming and then I have to go to the clinic to get checked out again. If we have time I want to go to the hospital to see Marg again. I'll call her tonight to see if she is still there. I called and she is still there and doesn't know when she'll get out. But she said she is making good progress and is walking a bit. 

I am committing a great sin, eating salt and vinegar ships. I love these chips and don't eat them too often but this time it looks like I'll eat the whole bag. It may take me a few days as Ray can't eat them at all for health reasons. The bad thing about salt and vinegar is that it peels the skin on the inside of my mouth but I suffer for the cause LOL.

WHO are these cuties?   Owls are the easiest birds to draw as they are so symmetrical. No pattern, patterns are not forthcoming lately but you can cut the pattern you draw on paper and you will be a pattern maker!!

Mrs. Bobbin speaks......

An idea for your fall quilt. Simple and effective is the way to go.

Spectacular Dear Jane. It is wonderful in colour. What a ton of work.

Puppy tries out the new quilt and finds it satisfying so he sleeps. I know cats love to test drive new quilts but did not think dogs were testers. Oh well I have neither so what do I know.

Stars over Miami. My title for this quilt.
A sample from the quilt, neat isn't it. I find the singular use of log cabin blocks to be fascinating.

Cat on quilt as a tester.

Time to go folks. Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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