a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, August 29, 2014

two guys


I love these guys and they are ready for Halloween. Make these mug rugs for the season.  Fun to make, fun to use.

We had  lunch today with Bob and Buzz. Lunch was fine but the visit was great. We chatted for quite a long time. Then Ray and I went for a walk around the mall but we did not buy anything. I almost bought some shoes though but fought down the urge.
We went to Extra Foods on the way home and bought some popcorn for tonight. We like the treat in the evening.

When we got home I had a nice nap, some days I am just tired and need a nap. Today was such a day for me.

After the nap we had something to eat. No cooking tonight. I had crackers , butter and liver sausage. I love that. Hmm think I'll have some more.

Now we are watching Big Bang Theory -once again.

My printer is still not working so I had to hand write the directions to Peter and Judith's place. We are going there for a barbecue tomorrow afternoon. I am really looking forward to that.

Twister design. I like this one.

This is a wonderful picture of Rick and Quinn, Grandpa looks so  happy  and Quinn looks contented. 

Koi are so beautiful. We saw a pool full of them on one of our trips ,it was in a hotel lobby.

This is just adorable too. 

Fancy holders for your small scissors, Not sure how these are made but I have seen them made from a heart shape.

Kind of a gruesome looking pencil case. It would cause a stir the first day of school.

Good idea for a wall hanging in your sewing room.

That is all for tonight folks.
Have a great evening.

Good night.

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