a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, August 31, 2014



Make a crazy patch heart, follow these instructions.


Spider Webs is what I call this block, it makes a great quilt.

Charlotte and her aunt Kate sailing somewhere in Alberta.

Lisa and Adam somewhere in France. Great smile Adam.

Aha a wee Scottish bairn.

Today Ray and I decided to stay at home today and just do things around  the apartment. And not much of that either LOL.
I read my book for a while and did a bit of work , but not much .

School is supposed to open on Tuesday but because of the teacher's strike the kids will not be going back to school. I know they are bored with summer. When I was teaching the kids all said they were happy to be back to school after the long summer holiday.

A beluga cresting , probably for fish. They are an adorable creature and friendly. We have them at the Vancouver aquarium. I am not in favour of holding animals in captivity but once we have them for a while they cannot go back to the wild. They would starve to death as they are used to being hand fed.  

I love this sign and I have a fondness for alligators too. I don't know why . Weird isn't it. This line up is so amusing. But you had better stay in the car LOL.

Log Cabin quilt with a piano key border. This is a very scrappy quilt. I would like a more organized use of fabric meaning it is too scrappy for me. 

That is it for tonight folks.

Have a lovely evening.

And a good night!!


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