a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, March 1, 2015


A wonderful visit with Adam and Lisa this afternoon. It was most enjoyable for us . They stayed for a few hours and we talked about all our family matters. Tomorrow they are taking us out for dinner. Our choice.
Nice picture of them isn't it?  They are both looking good.  It was a lovely day of visiting.
I am looking forward to tomorrow .

Mary sent this adorable picture of Quinn and Rose swinging on a flat swing. I never heard of this swing before but the kids, my great grandchildren are obviously having a great time.

Bird pictures tonight....Flamingoes, they seem to want to crowd together.


Adorable! I am not sure that the kitten likes hands around his neck though.

Joli Ann our great granddaughter in La Belle Province Quebec.

Twister is the pattern of this quilt. I want to make one but so far I have not got started.

A good motto to follow.

Have a great evening folks.

Good night.

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