a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, September 1, 2014

block 4

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     Starry Windmill is tonight's block.

I hope you all had a fineLabour Day.

Despite the rain it was a good day for us too. We had to go to Lazy Boy again regarding the new chairs we bought and that had fabric that wrinkled . The store is very good at making sure the customer is happy. They are going to give us new chairs. Amazing isn't it. It will take about 6 weeks for the new chairs to arrive. We are so happy with the service.

We spent a few hours at the casino which is right close to Lazy Boy. No big wins this time but we only lost small time, that is good.
We had a Reuben sandwich and fries while we were there. It is the best sandwich , we have one every time we go to that casino. Part of the package LOL.

We had to go to Safeway pharmacy on the way home and to pick up some bread. Tomorrow is my sewing group so I need to take a sandwich for lunch. We have sandwich meat to put in the sandwich so I don't have to make devilled eggs. I am looking forward to the sewing group, Pat is picking me up and giving me a ride. She os a good friend.

A lovely Log Cabin design for this table mat. Log Cabin can be arranged in so many different ways, it is a hugely useful block.

One block design, in this case the one block is the Tumbler Block which nests closely with each other. This one is done in 1932 fabric I think. 
This one is a string 1/4 block separated each  by a white strip. It looks like a bit of fun to make.

Hearts aplenty , hearts are my favourite but this one is not a favourite with me. Maybe red would make  a difference.

What a beauty, these are great stars and would make a lovely wall hanging.

Time is up folks.
Have a great evening.

Good night.

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