a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

cats in a race


Back to School is not happening here in B.C. as teachers are all out on strike. However you may be able to complete this quilt while they are out. It looks like fun.

Come on kitties ,let's get a move on.  This one so amuses me. Those cats have no intention of moving.

 Life can be joyous if you take advantage of the breaks.

Cute little stove ,my mom had a big one like this except for the stick down the middle.

And this one was sent to me by my lady friend Jamie.

Stripes in blue.

At first I thought this was a rail fence block but to my knowledge rail fence has three strips of fabric and this block has four. However my knowledge is fairly scanty. But this quilt is pretty in blues isn't it?  I quite like it.

Our day today was kind of quiet again . But we did go to the doctor to get help for the dizziness I have been having. She increased the number of dizzy pills I have been taking. My sister and Ray are call me a dizzy dame.

Then we went out to TOPS for dinner as the doctor appointment was late in the afternoon. Dinner was good, we had Salisbury Steak, potatoes and lovely veggies. I had a coffee. Ray declined.

Then we just came home and watched the news.
Told you...it was a slow day. LOL.

From Urban Country Quilts, love the Flying Geese flying in all four directions.

And that is it for tonight folks.
Good evening.

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