a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Six tubs of margarine  Anonymous. We  buy on sale and freeze them. No it does not affect the taste or the texture.  

As for the day today we went grocery shopping and then had a good afternoon at the casino...  We did not win lots this time but neither did we lose much. I was down $20 for the day and Ray was up $60. We had a good afternoon and it was fun for the old folk LOL. Ray and I always have a good time together , we are so lucky to be happy with each other. 
We had our lunch there, a Reuben sandwich on marbled bread. It is a lunch we both love and we share the sandwich as it is too big for one person. The beverage was coffee with cream. A good start to the afternoon.
We sure get our exercise walking around that huge casino. I would love to put a pedi, Oh I don't know what it is called but it measures the amount of walking one does.

We had a bowl of soup for supper when we got home. It was Thai chicken and rice, a new soup and quite good.  Now we are watching the football game with Vancouver and Calgary. I called Rick and he was at the game as it is in Calgary. He and Ray are football fans.

Scrappy hearts and borders make for an interesting table runner. I like this idea but think that the very light blocks do not give the heart enough definition. 

This is a great little wall hanging to adorn your sewing room.

Grey is a neutral colour but this quilt stands out with the block  of flowers and the zigzag design of the backing.

Cute Santas. I would love to find the pattern for this. 1 need a new applique pattern to do on Tuesdays and I don't want flowers.

That is all folks.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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