a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, September 18, 2014

appointments today

We had appointments with clinics today. First with the ostomy clinic to see how my ostomy was doing since I had a bleed one night this week. But all was well and no problems there. 

Then to a regular doctor because Ray had to get the results of his potassium count. it had increased a bit so he needs to be careful of what he eats. He is careful but some times it is very hard to track the potassium . However all was well according to the doctor. 
That took quite a while as you no doubt understand. 

Then we just came home, I had my usual nap.  I talked to Jim and he is coming down around Thanksgiving early in October. Jim is directing a musical right now so he is quite busy.

 I also talked to Richard who was on his way to Name That Tune. A group of friends get together and play this game. I am guessing they meet every week.  But I am glad he gets out almost every night of the week.

We went to London Drugs , I bought a book and that was all we got there. Then we had a bit of lunch at Tim Horton's.

So you see a nothing kind of day for us but still an okay one.

Here's a cute little quilt for a dear little boy. Try finding all those dinosaurs.  That will be quite a search. Good luck.

I have always liked this pattern. It can be used with just one of the columns to make a table runner. Personally I prefer the use of fewer colours.

Nice block, chevrons make an excellent quilt.

A pyramid quilt pattern. 

Ah here we are, a Halloween star. Still time to make it for the season.

Isn't this a great mug rug. The pattern is available for $2.00.  Or you can make your own by cutting out the shapes on paper.

That is it for tonight folks.

Have a good evening.
                    Good night.


Rick and Quinn


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