a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, September 26, 2014

Winter already

Download now as a pdf pattern
Winter Kaleidescope  Pretty block this.

Now what could be easier than this block.
Download now as a pdf pattern

I think I may have missed a blog , sometimes I am busy and I forget. And last night I went out with Kathy to Cake Therapy at Tom's. It is an evening out for the ladies who quilt. Tom provides the cake, we all have a piece and he demonstrates a quilt plus gives out the pattern on a card. I collect the cards LOL. They are really good and maybe some time I'll make a quilt, that isn't happening right now though...............
Tom with the Quilt of the Night

Whoops here he is wearing a tree skirt. Tom is quite a card.

There this is the quilt of the Night, better picture.

I really want to make a children's quilt and a baby one. So I had better get going. At least cut out the blocks for my embroidery machine. I wish there was such a thing as precut blocks that are all ready to work on.
But the evening was lovely except that Kathy and I got stuck on the bridge. The traffic was terrible , it took us over an hour to get to Tom's. We were worried that all the cake would be gone LOL. But such was not the case. It was a kind of spice cake with drizzled lemony icing . Very tasty.

Remember when a machine was this colour?
and the cams......

My boys when they were all young. So cute.

This quilt has such lovely warm colours. It must be a lap quilt , it seems small. The pinwheels are a bit of a puzzle but so delightful.

Fancy cats. Those eyes bore right into you don't they? Clever design.

Adorable and adoring.

We went to Walmart today for 6 tubs of margarine. It is not an inexpensive store as it cost us well over a hundred dollars LOL. Always does!!  I bought a nightie, purple as Ray likes that colour. So do I for that matter.
Before that trip I had to go to the doctor who did my surgery 3 years ago. He just checks to see if you look good and feel well. He said I looked wonderful. And I did feel well today and most days. I am very fortunate for my age. 

I love the way these gourds look. They are so colourful in all the fall colours. I don't ever buy or use them but sure do like to look at them. Such a lovely variety.

Hmm more cake, this one looks very tasty too. Mizzly is scattering goodies on the icing. I don't know if that is her name but it is what I am calling her tonight. LOL

And that is it for tonight.

Have a lovely evening folks.

Good night!

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6 tubs of margarine? I know you eat a lot of bread BUT.....