a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Let's have a spot of tea.
Download now as a pdf pattern

Antique 1912 Novelty Iron Tape Measure Sewing Accessory. [It measures just over 2 inches long (5.5cm) and stands 1.75 inches (4.5cm) high]

Isn't this a beautiful item for the sewing room? It is a tape measure sewing accessory.

Another day mostly in bed feeling quite ill. But by evening I am feeling a lot better and think that tomorrow I shall be back on the road to good health. Thank goodness.

So of course there is nothing to write about. Although Marg called to see how I was, very nice of her. 
Rick called too, he is such a good guy. I do appreciate his calls. 

Ray had to go to the doctor today . She told him that the pills she gave me for dizziness took several days to work so they should do the job soon. I want to go out tomorrow. I missed the guild last night but Barb told me that the quilt show was fabulous and it was too bed I missed it. I guess the summer brought out some great quilting. I am sorry I missed it.

Little angels Rose and Quinn having a great time.

Doesn't Quinn have a great grin?

Ideas for making table runners.

Lovely runners don't you think?

and one more with a place mat....

This is a sweet SunBonnet Sue quilt.

So that is it for tonight folks.

-Good evening.

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