a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Download now as a pdf pattern

Peony Bouquet is the name of this block .

A budding scholarm our Charlotte starting at home kindergarten. She is a clever girl so will do just fine.

Do you like purple, Ray does and this cat does too it seems. I like this quilt a lot.

Richard is still on the road, in this one he is eating his dinner and drinking his red wine.

I am happy he is having a good trip with David. I love a road trip myself. But Ray is having a hard time driving for a long trip.

This rose is so beautiful that I just had to put it on my blog tonight.

Isn't this a good idea for a kid's quilt. Any child would love to have this quilt to cuddle under.  Well I would LOL.

We had a quiet day . Just had a doctor's appointment for Ray to see what his potassium level is. And once again it is not too good. He has to work harder to get it down some.  He was disappointed in his results. He has to go again for a test next week.

As I said it was quiet and we did very little else .  I had a nap since I slept very little last night.

Isn't this something special?  These leaves are created from selvedges and I think they are most attractive. It takes a lot of sewing to put all these selvedges together so they can be cut into leaf shapes.

My favourite salad, a Greek salad. It is so beautiful and tempting.Tasty too!!  Feta gives this salad its kick. Now I'm hungry. LOL.

Time to close folks.

Have a lovely evening.
      Good night.

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