a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

dinner out

Ah I nearly forgot to write tonight. We were out for dinner with Bob and Buzz. We had a great dinner at Mr. Ho's. We all love his Chinese food and ate a good meal. It was fun to have a date with our friends.   

We are watching the Roosevelts once more tonight and I forgot about the blog.  It is a very interesting biography. Or documentary as they call it.

Our day went well. We took  coupons we had for McDonalds I was really bad and had poutine. Once in a while I like to have poutine even though it isn't good for me. Mea culpa.
We toured Canadian Tire but bought nothing. Came home and had  a nap and then got ready to go for dinner . 
Since we got home from the restaurant we have just watched TV.

Isn't this a cute block of Sunbonnet Sue both a big one and a little one out in the yard. I love SBS and collect all the blocks of her I come across. This one is so appealing.

Now this is an interesting teapot with buttons as decorations. The must use glue to attach those buttons.

This is an easygoing quilt. I wonder how it is made. I like the fact that it has no border, it makes the quilt look good.

A rick rack chart. I suggest that you run it off on your printer and add it to your binder of things you must keep.

And that is all for tonight.

Good evening.

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