a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oh my Christmas already

First Snow Christmas Series Quilt
House 12 has been posted:

a new set for your autumn flair

And Halloween, good pumpkin designs on this site.

Right and Left
Here is today's free Block of the Day pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern

Some nice patterns today and I expect there will be many holiday patterns to come in the near future as the holidays approach.

It was another magnificent day here in Vancouver, there have been so many of them this summer but the time is approaching when these fine days will morph into our regular rainy and foggy days of winter.  Until then I will enjoy the good ones.

Ray and I went across the river to Richmond to Way On which sells shoes and slippers. They always have the slippers that Ray and I like to wear. Ray bought a new pair  today. I didn't need any at the moment so did not purchase any today.  
Then we went upstairs to the food court. I had a bowl of lemon grass soup , Ray had a coffee. The soup was one I had not had before and I liked it. It had bean sprouts as one of the ingredients and some other type of noodle. I love noodles so it was good for me. 
We walked round a bit but didn't buy anything other than lunch.

We came home but first stopped at the local mall for bread at the bakery. We bought a scratch card each and my card had $15 as a prize. I have been lucky lately with winnings.
I think it is called a lucky streak. 

After that we came home and relaxed. For dinner we had more of the pork roast . I had mine on bread with gravy a great favourite of mine along with kernel corn . It was satisfying.

An iron wash stand. When I was young my mom sent me to Alberta where I spent a night in an awful hotel that had this type of wash stand rather than running water only the stand was made of wood. My aunt picked me up the next day at the hotel and we made the next train connection and were on our way to the farm. I was 12, spent the night alone in an awful hotel. But I was not bothered by anyone.   Times were sure different.  

This is an awesome quilt. It shows how anything can be a subject for a quilt.

And that is it for tonight folks.

Good evening.

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