a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rail Fence


Lovely Rail Fence quilt in Fall colours. The hues of Autumn are so beautiful even if they predict the dying days of Summer and Fall and the preceding days of Winter.

Find stunning nine-patch inspiration here: http://craftsy.me/1nyqvGg

At first I couldn't see the 9 patches but they pretty quickly showed up  and caught my eye.

Lovely Fall colours in this quilt.

......and this quilt is just plain cheerful.

Almost forgot to write the blog.  But here it is.

A bit of nothing to announce once again. Sunday is always a pretty quiet day for us. We stayed in for the day. I had a long nap which was lovely. Then I sewed one little block , a windmill block for the guild. I need to do some more of them for the guild. I have the plastic bags with the cut pieces in them. So all that needs to be done is to sew them up. I'll get at them tomorrow. It felt good to sew again, it has been a long time.

We did not even cook for dinner , I had Kraft dinner and Ray had a sandwich. Awful isn't it. We need to get our dinners regulated. At least we usually have a decent lunch at a restaurant. Except Sunday of course when we stay home. We have been eating lots of great fruit as it is the season and the fruit is delicious. Tomatoes are wonderful right now too and we eat a lot of those. I like avocados and usually have one on hand. Ray doesn't care for them.

No news but Rick and David are now home from their travels. I am glad that they are back in Calgary and settling down for the winter. 
I hope Rick is getting some rest now.

I went to my teachers Pot Luck last night and was out late so no blog. We had a great time . I took a chocolate only to be told that our hostess did not like chocolate cake. I did not know but then you cannot please everyone. I got it at a special bakery and it was lovely . The cake was pricey so it should have been good.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it .
Diane picked me up and brought me home. I am fortunate to have friends who will do that. And grateful too.

My great grandson Quinn, Mary's son. He looks to be getting long. What a cutie.

A good reminder.

That seems to be all for tonight folks.

Have a great evening.
    Good night.

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