a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, September 14, 2014



This quilt is actually called Windmills at Night. I think it is spectacular, the instructions are above.

It was a quiet Sunday and we just went to the market for fruit and veggies, mostly fruit. The fruit is so wonderful right now, lots of fresh fruit that we can't get later on in the year. My favourite Damson little blue plums are the ones I buy,  lots of them right now. As a matter of fact I am eating them now.

I had some mail to take to the Post office and much to my surprise the Post Office was open. That was good. Things have sure changed, there was a day when the Post Office was closed on Sundays. A new day has dawned LOL.

We went into the little mall and I bought a curry pie at the bakery. Ray doesn't like those little pies but I do. Obviously haha.

We came home and cleaned the fruit and veggies and put them in the containers. I seem to remember writing this last week so we do this every week. I won't repeat myself next week LOL.

I made dinner tonight, potatoes, cauliflower, sausages and red, yellow and orange fried peppers.  The last was for Ray as I am not fond of fried peppers, but the colours are really nice.

We cleaned up and then watched TV. Are watching TV. A nice evening is in progress.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Playmate is this name of this block.

A lovely pillow and here is another.....

Virginia Reel pillow.

And that is pillow talk for tonight.

My grandson Aaron( Rich ) and his fiancee June who will be getting married later on in the Fall.

Now here is a lovely quilt for a student's room.

Our lovely Charlotte all dressed up for a tea party, sipping daintily.

And that is all for now folks.

Have a lovely evening.

Good evening.

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