a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Baby quilt that looks reasonably easy to make.  So if a baby is on your horizon this may be the one to make.

These strips are made by my friend Sallie. It looks good.

Download now as a pdf pattern

Wild Star is the name and it looks pretty wild to me.

Tuesday , my day to go to sewing group. Pat  picked me up as is the normal for us. We had our coffee at Oakridge and then on to our group. It was a going away party with Betty's sandwiches and Betty Lu brought a cake.
Betty Lu is from Maine but she has been up here for 13 years while her husband contracts out to UBC as a professor of math.  We all loved Betty Lu and are sorry that she is going back to Maine but life goes on. She has invited us all to come to Maine for a visit. Oh how I would love to do that but it isn't going to happen.
I had to go to a special therapist this afternoon, one who works on my dizziness. It was and interesting experience and she worked with me for 90 minutes. I have to go back there in two weeks for more, she said another level of exercises.

Then we went up to the little mall to buy some buns at the bakery. We wanted them for the beef and barley soup we were having for dinner.Homemade soup and buns on a rainy evening, what could be better. Comfort food.

And here is a comfort quilt. Just squares and a nice border.The squares are made of flannel so it will be super warm and comfortable in lovely Autumn colours.

My granddaughter Chelsea, a musician , director , composer, singer and player of instruments.

This quilt has many leaves and is called Blowing in the Wind. Love the name.

Time for me to go folks.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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