a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day

I hope you all had a very Happy Canada Day in the sunshine. It was a gorgeous day here in Vancouver, one of the perfect days we get here at this time of year. It is a day to make you happy.

We did not go downtown to celebrate as neither of us is good in crowds any more. Too tippy LOL!! But we can enoy the weather in other parts of town. We did go out for a while, had ice cream at Tim's Spent a bit of time outside before it became too hot for us to stand. Then we came home and sat in front of the AC. Such a lazy afternoon, but enjoyable.

Just a bit reversed , but still red, white and blue. I like these three pretty sewing machines.

Sewing sisters 1885. That is one of the dates given, the others were 1865 and 1868. Who knows for sure?

I call this pattern Snail's Trail. I know it has other names but I like the one I call it as it was the first name I saw for this pattern. I do like this quilt though. One day I  might even make it.

A little lady learning to use a sewing machine. Good luck to her and to all those little ones who show an interest in sewing. 

So now the blog is over for tonight, have a great Canada day evening.

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