a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ah new post

Some day I will remember what I did in the day. Sad to say I have to ask Ray what happened.
So here goes. After our usual morning things, reading the newspaper, watching Perry Mason, Quincy and Rockford Files we went out. Off to the mall we went to pick up some new bags for the city recycling that is going on here. We found some at SavOn Foods, then thought we should try Walmart. So off we went to Surrey where Walmart is. They had bags that were unwaxed on the inside and were half the price of the ones we bought at SavOn. We bought some anyway. This is a new programme that the city fathers created for unsuspecting citizens. It is a bit costly but we are in it to help the environment. We might try it with plastic bags but Ray says you just take the garbage and and dump it in the container. He says that is what most people do and it is quite offensive to the nose. So we, as good citizens we use the bags.

After Walmart , which is near the casino and we did not go, we came home and ate some of the cherries we bought. They are delicious. It is so nice to eat the local cherries in July. We have always had the cherries in July and I look forward to eating them.

I did a bit of cleaning up of my sewing area getting prepared for tomorrow when I go with Pat to my sewing group. She has been away for several weeks so I have not been going either. I am looking forward to it.
Then I searched for those cardboard pieces that are in magazines but we must have thrown them all out. I wanted them to cut out some hexagon shapes so I can make them tomorrow.

So that was my day. 
Here are some quilts.   
This could be pretty.
Nice isn't this.

This one is called some kind of an Angel.

On the rollers, this must be a Long Arm machine.

This is called a lap quilt. The background is USA fabric but you can use another fabric if you do not want this one.

Time to go folks.
Have a great evening.

Good night.

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