a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


So here is the blog for today.  Sorry about yesterday ,   I forgot to write it.

We stayed in today and did very little. BUT we had lovely company. Mary and Albert came to visit with the two little ones, Rose and Quinn. 

I took a lot of pictures of Quinn and not so many of Rose. How did that happen. Now I am sorry about that. Next time I will even it out a bit.  But right now I can't find those pictures. I wonder where I put them .  I'll find them some time tonight.

Found them!

It was a great time with our visitors. I love that.

Quinn investigating the little lamp.

Rose and Albert checking out one of those things with pictures on it and games too.  It is amazing what pre school children learn these days about electronics. Parents are also pretty wonderful as the encourage the learning.

When my Matthew started school the teacher told me he could read at a Grade 6 level  and pointedly asked me if I had taught him to read. I hadn't, Matthew just read. Who knows how he learned. It just came naturally to him. It was as big a surprise to me as it was to the teacher. Kids are amazing.

Quinn cleaning up on the bread crusts from Rose's sandwich.

Rose chatting to dad ( Albert) , Quinn standing in line. Looks like fun he thinks.
It was fun with everybody here. 

We stayed in after everybody left. We just decided to stay home today. 

Jim,  my 4th son on the right and his friend. They look as if they are having a good time. Summer time is the right time for outdoor activities even if it is just sitting out in the yard.

This is a super little mat for whatever you want to use it for. I love hearts.

Nice triangle quilt top.

Now this is concentration. I hope she gets it to work.

That is all for tonight folks.

Have a great evening. 
                                    Good night.

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