a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Download now as a free pdf pattern to make a block 4 inches

 An old favourite the Log Cabin shows up on my blog tonight. I am sure you will all love to make this one.

And we ate ice cream, another favourite of ours.  We have decided not to eat it for a while as it is very fattening and we have had ice cream every day for the past week. This cannot go on. So time is up and ice cream eating has to stop. We will weep tomorrow.

In the news: Greece has voted NO to any form of austerity. I wonder which  country they expect  to fund their economy now that Europe has said no more. It is and will be very interesting. This is a bad state for any country to be in. 
I discovered this lovely photo of a young woman at her sewing machine. She looks so happy to be sewing,  no doubt on an old SINGER.  It must be her favourite  pasttime. Is pasttime one word or two?

For dinner tonight Ray and  I each had two hot dogs, mustard and relish. They were absolutely delicious. Too bad I did not take a photo. I'll look for one.
Missing an ingredient, no relish. I always butter my buns though many do not. It makes the hot dog more delicious.
We  made a friend today. Isn't he precious? At least the car window was open. It was very hot again today and extremely hazy from the forest fires in the interior. I am always concerned when it stays hot for days as we live in a very forested area.
This is our street.    Or a portion  of it

Whenever I see purple I think of my dear friend Gail who is no longer with us and whose favourite  colour was purple. I found this lovely purple quilt on Facebook today. Gail would have loved it and she would have made it as well.

My granddaughter Chelsea and her friend Brad. This is a great picture, well composed and interesting location.

That is it for tonight folks. Have a wonderful evening.

Good night.

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