a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

another one

Did I forget to blog last night, I just checked and I did forget. What on earth was I doing. Reading I think.

Today is Richard's birthday. I hope it was a good birthday my dear.
Love you.

A non busy day today. We went out to the big mall and had lunch there. It was Chinese food and not bad!
We walked around the mall for exercise and notice that there were several stores that had closed since the last time we were there. Things are getting difficult in the retail world I guess. I always feel badly for stores that fail. I had a store once and know how much work goes into setting it up, financing it and running it. Then closing it is another set of difficulties. However it was an adventure and an experience.  It was also too much for me to handle along with working every day .
We did not buy anything though. It is awful, we do not need a thing nor do we want anything so we seldom purchase and goods. 

Lovely Dresden Plate. However I am not sure I like the blue background, I do love Dresden Plates though.

Here is a small unfinished top that is meant to be  a baby quilt. It is attractive with basic colours, almost primary colours.

This is a great quilt with repeat blocks making it seem as if sewn in 3D. It appears to be three dimensional to me like the blocks are rising up off the quilt.

So good night to all and have a lovely evening.

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