a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, July 17, 2015


 I was just reading all my facebook messages and of course forgot to remember that I had a blog to write.  Why are the messages so engrossing when they actually say very little of any consequence. 
I look mostly for my family messages and then friends. I love to hear from my boys , all five of them. Hear me oh sons of mine.  LOL.

Ray had to go to the doctor today. He was told he had a cyst on each kidney but was also told not to worry. I ask you can you not worry about your beloved husband when you hear this news. He has already had cancer and had his prostate removed. I know they tell him it is not dangerous to have cysts but I of course do not like it and intend to worry. As I tell my sons it is my job to worry. If I don't who will LOL.

I am feeling dizzy tonight, I don't like that feeling at all. 

We went out for a little bit today, it was another gorgeous day in Vancouver. It has been like this for some weeks. It reminds me of the summers we had here when I was a teenager. We used to take the bus to Kitsilano beach for the day. We tanned and got brown if we had the right skin colour. I got pink but my sister Marg got brown. I used to envy her that wonderful tan. My brother Peter was  like me and burned badly. He died when he was fairly young , in his forties. It was such a tragedy. That whole year was bad, my beloved dad passed away, then my dear mom went a year later and six months after Peter did of a heart condition. There were just Marg and me left of our birth family. It was devastating.

Isn't this a delightful little cottage in Chemainus B.C.  over on Vancouver Island. I used to go there often when I visited my friend Donna. We would go there for lunch , it was a British pub style lunch and was excellent.We'd sit outside on the deck and enjoy the ambience. Since Donna passed away I have not gone there.

Oh well so much for remembering, good memories but that is in the past. 

We bought BC cherries today and ate them all. They were wonderful. The first cherries of the season are always fabulous.

Makes me drool. Love these early cherries.

Churn Dash seems to be quite popular right now, this is a nice one.

Time to go folks. Have a great evening.
                          Good night.


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