a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Today is Wednesday , I have to keep track. I think Ray and I are going to Calgary to visit Richard. It will be lovely to see him again.

Not clear yet when but soon I hope. I need to get the tickets as Ray does not want to drive. We'll fly instead.

Today we did nothing much again. I had to go for blood tests, then we just went into our little mall and I wanted to see what they did to the reconverted grocery store. However it was not much different that before. Only the name has changed.

We couldn't even get a coffee in the mall as the store who serves coffee is closed. I hope it opens up soon. I like a cup of coffee when I go there and something nice from the bakery. The coffee washes it all down easy which is why I like the coffee.

We came home and had salad for dinner. We bought the salads prepacked with a dressing in the pack. I did not like mine and ate just a bit of it. Ray made his usual oil and vinegar dressing and like his salad. I should have done that too.

So Ray boiled some eggs and we had eggs and toast for dinner. It was delicious, we both loved it.

Did I mention that I wrecked my second toe. It is longer than my big toe and when I got out of the tub the other day it bent right under. It became quite bruised and was sore. To make things worse I ran over the toe with my walker LOL. How stupid can you get? It is still not better and looks like it will take a few more days to recover.

This is a lovely quilt that I found on Facebook. I like the colours and the regularity of the design.

Better left unsaid :>)

What a beauty and it is just squares but the colours are amazing.

A real cutie sitting on a real cute hassock. Looks doable doesn't it?
It is time to go folks, have a great evening.

Good night.    

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