a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, July 24, 2015


Yes I woke up this morning to rain beautiful rain pounding against my window. Oh my how we needed it to soak the grass and water the trees. I was very happy about the rain. It is refreshing as well as beneficial.   The flowers were happy about the rain too. We were blessed today.

We had a good day . We went to Metrotown our local mall. It was so crowded with people , kids out of school and people escaping the weather. We just had a coffee and walked a bit. We did not buy anything but bread at the bakery. Ray went to the watchmaker to pick up his watch but the man was out to lunch . We'll go back tomorrow. 

Tonight we are watching the football game, Toronto and B.C.
We are watching the football game Toronto against B.C. The score is 21 to 7 for us.

 Let's  keep it that way.....

In the afternoon we just took it easy and rested. I seem to need a lot of rest lately. It must be my age.
I do a lot of looking on my laptop during the afternoon. Nothing special today though.

That seems to be it for tonight folks.

Have a great evening.
Good night.

Continue with the precious rain.

A special mug rug and it looks easy to make.

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