a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

most overdue

Oh my I almost forgot my blog again. My memory is failing LOL.

But it did come back if a bit late.  

The day was quiet. I don't even think we went out, however if we did it would have been for just a little while and easy to forget.
I'll ask Ray.
Yes we went to Tim's   for a doughnut and coffee. It was another gorgeous day with the sun shining brightly. 
It is quite warm these days and even this far into the night it continues to be warm.

I found this on Facebook today, my favourite quilting  girl Sunbonnet Sue.  This one is quite pretty, all the girls are dressed in different colours. That is what I would do too. I made one of these years ago and all the girls were different. I am contemplating making another one. Better start soon if I want to finish it.

Now this is a quilt loaded onto a long arm machine if you were wondering what that looks like. These machines are so great for quilting a big quilt.

I love this lady, she is so elegant. And she is reading a book which signifies intelligence. Beauty, brains and wine, the perfect combination. Too bad I am unable to tolerate wine but I have the other two LOL.

There see what I mean  LOL.   Ray looks good too.  We are so happy.

That is it folks. Have a lovely evening.

                    Good night.

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